Working at SNS

We invest in the growth and advancement of our employees since they are our most precious resource. We concentrate on discovering top talents and high potentials and offer them fast-track development programs. SNS consistently offers possibilities for professional advancement, preparing young talents to become our future leaders.


In SNS, we believe that people are the most valuable resource in any organization, and we ought to utilize our individuals to their maximum potential. We have employees from all over the world with different backgrounds working remotely and on-site. SNS is eager to draw in and keep the most outstanding talents, the brightest ideas, and all the necessary resources, which calls for diversity. Diversity in SNS isn't just about diverse cultures, lifestyles, or gender roles; it's also about valuing and accepting individual diversity among our workers. The primary goal is to make every employee feel critical and aware of their value to our company.


Our employees work in a supportive environment that encourages career progression. They work in teams and individually in a very efficient way. SNS is a place where people can support one another and exchange ideas. Join us and ensure that you can keep developing your talents personally and professionally.

With SNS modernized offices in Riyadh and Cairo, working is now a more exciting and joyful experience. Break whenever you want and enjoy a new socialized working experience with lounges and entertainment facilities.